Brilliance vision: beyond the user's best experience of the textile group and the user's first mind of the textile and clothing group. Brilliance's mission: to make all brilliance's family get a better life in material and spiritual, and make greater contribution to the society. A fundamental driving force: Talents Two most important ideas: I'm wrong, I'll help you Three professional spirits: The spirit of brilliance craftsman in front-line family, the spirit of setting an example in family management, and the spirit of empathy in all family members The four core thoughts are as follows When it comes to awareness, focus on the overall situation, be with everyone, and promise to do it Five ideas of personnel selection: Filial piety to parents, gratitude, modesty, integrity, self-management Six core values: seeking truth, innovation, unity, dedication, honesty and hard work Huachen people take "revitalizing the textile and garment industry" and establishing Huachen brand as their own responsibility, adhere to the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development, have the courage to take responsibility, and stride forward towards the dream of Centennial Huachen foundation industry!

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Address: 257 West Ring Road, Changyi City, Shandong Province